Armin Meiwes - The Craigslist Cannibal

Meiwes posted that he wanted to eat another man on Craigslist.  When men would respond to his post and then later find out that he actually wanted to eat them, they’d get freaked out and want to leave; and well, he let them!  Until he found the man Bernd Brandes.  Bernd actually went through with it and, after they ate Bernd’s chopped off genitals, Armin carried him to the bathtub to bleed out.  (He ate the rest of Bernd’s body over a course of 10 months)

So what happens when you convict a man who ate another man that entirely consented?

Was it legally wrong?

Who knows, but this is one of my favorite cannibals to read about!

Source: Wikipedia
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